Ethical Links

We focus on development cooperation and global education, intercultural communication and building cultural competencies.

Migration is not a new phenomenon, but for many people it feels like we suddenly have a lot of it in the world of today. There migration creates some questions, hopes and fears, and sometimes also distrust. We want Estonia to be an open society that takes care of people and is safe for everyone.  Estonia has also quite few things to offer to the world – also to the less privileged areas and groups.

We work in Estonia and in Middle East. We are providing an opportunity for Estonians to gather some competence, so we can better help newcomers from Middle East to adopt in Estonia. We are also involved in development cooperation in Middle East.

Volunteers in Palestine 2016

In 2016 we had Kätlin and Delis volunteering in Palestine. In 2017, it´s Talvike. You can see what they are up to in the blog!