Arabic language course starts in September

We continue with Arabic language course for beginners in Tartu!

The course will beheld 21.09.2017 – 31.10.2017 and it consists of 13 lessons (26 academic hours).

Lessons will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays 17.00-18.30  (SPARK Demo, Narva mnt 3, Tartu)
Important! If the majority of the group wants, we can also make it 18.00-19.30!

Our first lesson will happen on 21th of September 18.00 and it is free!

The course costs 180 €; partly payment is possible. 

Which Arabic?
Arabic is widely spoken and has a number of dialects. Most often in class you´ll learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). While it allows you to explain what you want in most of Arab countries, you won´t understand local people (and sometimes even the response to your request).

We combine Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic spoken in most of the Middle East (Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon). In addition, you´ll get basics of standard language. We´ll also integrate some history and modern culture into the course.

Teachers and methods

Lessons are held in Estonian and English. Normally there would be two teachers in the lessons: Lamees and Nastja. It allows us to use the lesson time effectively and approach learners´ individual needs.

Lamees and Nastja have both long teaching experience. Often teaching Arabic is based on loads of grammar and writing. In our lessons we use modern methods that make learning more inspiring and that develop all basic skills of language proficiency:  writing, listening, reading and speaking.

Our course is short but intense – twice a week is the optimal frequency for not forgetting what you learned last time. Since Ethical Links is the founder of International House Tartu, you´ll also have plenty of options to meet people from the region, be it on the football pitch or in the cooking event!

Come and try it out!


Lamees Abdeljalil is from Palestine and has taught Arabic as foreign language since 2014. She works as interpreter and she helps refugees in Tartu – and she likes cooking and dancing. She speaks English and quite a lot of Estonian already!

Nastja Pertsjonok has taught different languages since 1998 and Arabic since 2015.  She has been teacher in Estonia, Denmark, Jordan, Palestine. She´s had a lot of time to think how to teach better and try it out! 

!أهلا وسهلا

Individual lessons

In addition to beginners course you can also have individual lessons. This one-to-one way of teaching allows the teacher to adapt the material according to the learners´ needs. The usual lesson will last 60 minutes, but ultimately it´s a matter of agreement between the student and the teacher. Individual lesson costs 19 eur / hour, first try-out lesson is free. Lessons are run by Lamees Abdeljalil and include Levant Arabic, MSA and Gulf Arabic.

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