Talvike in Palestine: Football and dabke

So, last Wednesday I went to see my football kids for the first time. Before the lesson I spent some time at their coach´s home, with his wife Manar and their supersweet children, 3 of them. Even if we didn´t understand each other´s language too well, we managed to communicate and it was such a nice and warm family!

Football girls did not come. But with boys it was cool. We played some games, some drama and made big plans. Some of them speak English very well, some only few words, but I believe that as long as there are kids who are willing to translate, all kids are enjoying and developing.

English is being taught since 1st grade, but the level is very varying. Last week I joined English lessons for 10th-12th grades. The older they are, the less they dare to express themselves. It is sad to see, but maybe it was just nervousness of the first meetup.

The weekend was busy. I went to Mashjar Juthour eco-center to have a walk and then went to Om Sleiman farm to plant some lemons. I met nice people, both locals and foreigners. There´s loads of them – in Ramallah you have Danish House, German House, Spanish House, and many UN organisations and NGOs.

Talvike_ vabatahtlik_puudeistutamine

To make a hole in stony soil is quite a challenge! It´s as if the nature itself is against the farm. In addition,  Om Sleiman farm is under the constant threat to be demolished. I have huge respect towards these young men who have committed themselves to producing local good food.

Today I went again to Dura to meet football kids. Or well. Kids.
Only two football girls came. Boys had to see a match at the same time (in a building beside the club. When i asked when are they coming, they said “game is over in 5 minutes and we will be there”. You can guess how long these 5 minutes were).
However, meanwhile a whole gang of other local sweethearts gathered around me, so I played with them 😀 All of them could try my ukulele, and the more courageous ones tried to construct a local song. We danced dabke and played games.



Tomorrow I have the first meeting with a “special need” boy. No one can really tell me what kind of special need it is, neither what do they expect from me. We´ll see.

On Tuesday I´ll also start with solfeggio lessons – might turn out an interesting challenge! And maybe one day I´ll also help music teachers with their violin or piano lessons.

In any case – life is interesting and weather is hot-hot-hot.

The volunteer program is funded by the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid funds

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