Lamees in Estonia: Jaanipäev

My first Jaanipäev in Estonia, probably the last though!
47 days till I go back home, I can’t really believe that, all the feelings that I am having now, thinking about what I have established here, the friendships, memories I’ve made, places I’ve been, people I’ve met, national holidays celebrations I’ve attended, when no one in the country is working! I mean WHAT! even journalists? This you can’t see it in Palestine!

I’ve been to this county house of one of my awesome Estonian friends with other friends, we were 5 fasting Palestinians and 2 not fasting Estonians, it was harder on the Estonians more than us Palestinians not to eat :D, its like you can eat but you won’t because you’re too polit to do so in front of your fasting friends 😀

So this Jaanipäev (saint John’s day or Victory Day), it is called the victory day because in 1919 the Estonian forces defeated the German troops at that date.

But what I experienced was all about the family, the friends, the accompany that you have, having fun and setting things on fire 😀 not literally but things that you dont need anymore 😀 and its only allowed on that day to burn stuff, so we went wild 😀

Lamees volunteer jaanipaev

Carry (my Estonian friend with the house) he had this huge pile of branches to burn, one of them was very big to be ants home and it was! These poor poor ants they didn’t understand what was happening they went crazy, carrying all the eggs out of the burnt house, I felt like we were massmurderers, also with the huge amount of snails we fried by accident!

Lamees volunteer sipelgad

After that we went to see the bonfire made by the local town, it was super hot that about 2 meters of grass around it was burnt and we couldn’t really get close to it.

Then we went for fireflies (glowing worms) and yiiiiii we found one, she was all ”hey hey look at my yellow beautiful light I’m emmitting, I’m cool and you are not!!”

But one thing I just can’t handle anymore is the Mosqitues! I just can’t, I’m swelling all over, I am twice my size now because I am bitten everywhere but then I keep telling myself it’s all worth it and IT IS. The nature is soo amazing that you can forgive her for hating you, sending evil bugs to eat you alive!

The volunteering is financed by Erasmus+ , European Voluntary Service program 

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